Summer Bags and Hats

Looking for that perfect summer beach bag or a chic sun hat that makes it look like you are lounging on the beaches of Saint Tropez? 

The vaults have been opened on the MisHMasH container revealing a huge selection of gorgeous hats and bags handmade in Morocco and Madagascar. 

The Moroccan bags are a timeless classic commonly known as the French Market Bag.  Handmade of palm leaf in the Atlas mountains, these bags are then shipped to the city to be finished off with leather handles, pompoms and all other adornments. 

The Malagasy bags are handmade of sisal, raffia and seagrass.  These too are crafted by rural artisans and then shipped to the cities to be finished.  While we have neutral colours available, the majority of these bags are bright and colourful

The Malagasy hats, most especially the large Capeline are simply stunning.  They are large, beautiful and most certainly make a statement.

The bags and hats can be found at the following locations over the summer

June 2, 2018: 11am - 3pm:  Summer Hat and Bag Soirée:  Garden Event at 2539, 18th Avenue East, Vancouver.  

June 17, 2018:  Noon - 7pm:   Main Street Car Free Day Festival, Vancouver.  We will be located between 15th and 16th Avenue on the West side of the street.

June 24, 2018:  11am - 9pm:  Greek Day on Broadway, Vancouver. 

July 7, 2018:  11am -  9pm:  West 4th Khatsahlano Street Party, Vancouver. 


July 15, 2016 — Laurie Schelle