Baby Feather Angels. Cream

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Coming to us from the Baviaans region of South Africa's beautiful Karoo, the hand-crafted angels are produced by small craft cooperatives located within two remote villages.  The angel project is their only form of income and the success of the project has contributed a great deal to improving their lives and that of their communities.

Although originally intended as a Christmas Tree decoration, the angels also make beautiful gifts and can have a variety of uses.  We have seen them hung off the rear view mirror in a car, above a baby's crib, gifted or purchased in memory of a lost loved one or simply to add to a collection.

These baby angels are approximately 7-8 cm in length and have cream ostrich feather bodies, felt or wire heads , Variations in bead colour are light pink, white, clear and green.

All of the angel styles have names, many of which are after the ladies who make them and all of which have a meaning.

Baby Charlene:  I Am Free

Baby Valenta: Be Strong (also available in white)

Baby Lisa:  Oath of God

Baby Stella Draai (wire head):  Star

Baby Stella (felt head): Star

Please note that Baby Angels Stella draai and Levona both have heads small enough to allow them to ship as an envelope, making them the most economical angels to ship if only one is purchased.  The light weight nature of the angels means multiple angels can be shipped in any parcel larger than an envelope, making shipping costs more economical.