GRI Elephant Orphan Project: $1037.00 was raised and is awaiting further instructions.  Donation is being held at their request until our friends at GRI gather all of the information they need to determine where the funds will be directed.  

Sea Legacy:$155.00 was raised through 10% of the proceeds from the sale of our Little Ndaba Manzi Seapod Collection.



GRI Elephant Orphan Project: $725.00 (donated Feb 13, 2019)  Donations were in the form of a video recording and media storage package for the research department to assist with vital data collection and behavioural observations at the Kafue Release Facility. 


AERU - African Elephant Research Unit:  ZAR1200.00 (120.00 CAD) Donation presented to Matriarch Sally while spending time with the research team on my annual visit in in January, 2019.




GRI Elephant Orphan Project: $716.00 (donated as of Feb, 2018)  Donations will contribute to the purchase of formula for milk dependent orphans.  Donation was made to David Shepard Foundation in UK, at which point it was forwarded onto GRI.

Donation Details

African Elephant Research Unit:  $75.00 (donated on behalf of the grade 2 classes at St. John's School in Vancouver.  Donations contributed directly towards AERU's elephant enrichment program.  


GRI Elephant Orphan Project:  $400.00

Gibson's Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre :  $65.00

The Animal Project:  Donation of 100 scooby wire keychains to an inspirational group of girls at St. John's School, Vancouver who raised $609.50 at a school fundraiser, which they donated to WWF to aid endangered species.