I developed a mild obsession with Malagasy Raffia hats and bags when I was living in South Africa.  The hats are chic, the bags colourful and gorgeous.  After an extensive search to find somebody to work with in Madagascar, we found Zoline from Artimada.  

The raw materials for the bags and hats come from the countryside and the main parts of the bags are hand woven there, after which they are transported to the city to be finished off by hand with the addition of handles, accessories and additional overlays of coloured raffia many of the designs . 

Since we started working with Artimada in 2017, we have seen a sharp increase in the price of product, which sadly has been attributed to a great deal of Madagascar's raw raffia being sent directly to factories in China for mass production. 

Madagascar is a desperately poor country with very little opportunity for work, and as such, it is vitally important to support the Malagasy artisans by purchasing directly from them, so as to ensure their craft and their livelihood does not disappear. 

We predominantly sell the bags and hats at summer markets in Vancouver's Lower Mainland and always have an amazing selection of product to choose from.  Please refer to where to find us for details on upcoming market locations.