FIERCE ivory is the philanthropic side of MisHMasH.  A percentage of revenue generated through sales of select merchandise is transferred to FIERCE and then donated to select grass-roots organizations overseas.  FIERCE is not registered a registered charity, as the organizations we choose to support are very small NPO's registered in their countries of origin, but not registered as Charities in Canada, thus making it more difficult for registered Canadian charities to support them.  However, by donating directly to these organizations, we can ensure all funds donated reach their chosen destination.

So as to provide transparency in our process, this page will be updated frequently with donation progress reports.  FIERCE works with the organizations who choose a specific use for the donations, thus ensuring we know where the money is being used and can track the progress of the project.  Transfer of funds to the charities takes place when fundraising goals have been reached or at then end of the calendar year if the goal has not been achieved. 

The charities FIERCE has chosen to support are known to Laurie; she has either worked directly with them, or has close associates and friends working with them and through them, has visited the organization and has hands on knowledge of the work they do.